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Tuzla Cunda Fish

Name of Sea Scented Flavors

Sea Scented
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Tuzla Cunda Fish

Are you ready to travel to the top of taste, on the unique coast of Tuzla, at a point where blue and green embrace?


Tuzla Cunda Fish Restaurant,

It offers its guests an unforgettable experience with its fresh seafood and friendly atmosphere.

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Our restaurant

Buzda Taze Balık

Peace on the Beach

Tuzla Cunda Fish Restaurant stands out not only with its flavors but also with its stylish design and sea view. It is an ideal place for dinners in a warm atmosphere, where every moment is worth taking photos.

Tuzla Cunda Fish offers a rich menu prepared with ingredients carefully selected by our expert chefs. The freshness of the fish coming from the sea to your table is the key to taste. Each option on our menu has been carefully prepared to appeal to your taste and take you to the flavors of the Aegean.


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